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Download blackmoor 2 mod apk unlimited money and premium upgrade unlocked free for android from holyapk and enjoy blackmoor 2 modified game.
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Welcome to another epic story game. Today’s content is for the lovers of action, platformer, hack & slash, casual, Stylised and offline games. The one who is in love with all of these and want to enjoy all of these simultaneously will be just amazed after getting into this game. The game is named “Blackmoor 2: Action platformer”. Both the original and Blackmoor 2 mod apk latest version are available.

Before heading towards download game blackmoor 2 mod apk, let us discuss some important aspects of the game. Such as blackmoor 2 characters, their features and capabilities, blackmoor 2 cheats and also many more things.

Blackmoor 2: Action platformer

Table of Contents

The game full with action and much more enjoyment is now available to download for free. The game contains too many characters having their own capabilities. Each one comes with different level of fighting skills. And all the same comes with your enemies. Your safety and your land with all pf your partners and friends are on risk. Let’s save them while keeping our skills to kills monsters as we do in beast quest mod apk.

Download Blackmoor 2 Mod APK

Gameplay and Storyline:

The game starts from an open house consisting obstacles, coins, diamonds, doors, enemies, keys, stairs, checkpoints. You and your friends are in that house frightened from the enemies. Your enemies in the game blackmoor are in form of monsters. Now, it’s time to be brave and escape from that home with your friends. You get entrance and exit point in the house. Enter the house and be ready with your weapons for any unfortunate attack.

Kill all the monsters one by one and escape from the house with your friends as soon as you can. Be ready as you may face your enemies in different variants of monsters. For example, ghosts, zombies, flying birds, any insects or something else. Just kill everything that looks strange to be safe.

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As mentioned in gameplay section that your enemies can be in various forms. Don’t you worry as your friends or team mates will be there too for helping you. Get help from mates in every curious situation.


With each of passing level your skills will be polished and you may get new powers and grade ups. So, you may change characters you own. Each level up offers you and your friends a new character with new capabilities. Also, each new character will be more powerful than the previous one.


The game is not too simple and easy to win. There are too much other obstacles to stop you from passing the level. As practice is the only thing that make us perfect. Play twice or more to get experience. And then you may easily cross the obstacles and pass the level.


As you may have your friends to fight for you with different characters. The enemies are also not too far. They have also different level of powers and skills with too many characters. Be ready to face them.

Download Blackmoor 2 Mod APK latest version


Many of other players may join blackmoor 2 game field. The can own any character with it’s power and you can also become any character you want. You may get superpowers or a military man, or shield man or something else you want.


With increasing number of character’s, you will also have level ups for your weapons against monsters. You may get a new weapon or upgrade the old one. It’s up to you but you need to have coins or diamonds to get that upgrade. And here the good news comes.

Blackmoor 2 action platformer mod apk

The modified part is the best one liked by maximum players of the game. As they got everything they need in the game without any effort or purchase.

blackmoor 2 mod apk all characters unlocked:

It means no need to pass levels to get a new character. Even, all the levels are unlocked. You may start playing specific level you want.

Blackmoor 2 mod apk free purchase:

This modified feature is one of my favorite modification in blackmoor 2 game. Here you blackmoor 2 mod apk free shopping. Go to shop section in the game and get any thing you want. No need to pay for that. Is not that amazing? Let’s download blackmoor 2 mod apk unlimited money and premium upgrade unlocked.

Download Blackmoor 2 Mod APK latest version free for android

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is blackmoor 2 mod apk premium unlocked safe?
    Answer: Yes, if you download blackmoor 2 mod apk from holyapk. We will guarantee your data privacy.
  • How to get rewards in this game?
  • Answer: You will get rewards only if you kill monsters/enemies in a unique way and in very less time. However, you will get unlimited rewards in the modified version.
  • Is there any lite version of the game blackmoor 2 apk?
    Answer: The mod version offered here takes less memory space in your mobile phone.


With all these features of the game blackmoor 2 mod apk, you should wait no more. Be a warrior with your friend’s team and start killing monsters to save your land from them. Join the game in any of your favorite mode. Kill monsters and win the game.

What's new

fix launch issue on some device (unconfirmed)
1 New Arcade tribute stage! (world map, after city)
6 New Villains including Lord Straxarr and Ricky!
30 FPS Mode available in Settings



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