How to Download and Install APK?

The process of downloading the apk file from holy apk on your android mobile is too easy to understand. As the team of holy apk is trying its best to make it easier for the users of the holyapk website. Moreover, it is one of the best accessible apk file download sites. A few clicks and steps will allow you to download apk files on your mobile. Let me share how it will be done.

Step: 1

  • Search the app name that you want to download with the name of our website, “holyapk” or you may directly visit our website by searching your desired application.
  • Next, click the website with the URL “”. You may also visit directly by copying the link “” and pasting in your search browser.
  • At next, a screen will appear with the holyapk website.
  • For example, if you searched for tik tok holyapk, the net will be like this.

Download apk file


Step: 2

  • Click on the download button that is available precisely under the featured image of the app.

direct download button for apk files

  • After clicking that download button, the website will automatically redirect you to the download links page. That page will ask you to wait for a few seconds to make the download links ready for you.

download wait

  • After a short time, the download links will appear on the screen.

appear direct download link


Last step of downloading:

  • On the screen, there will be direct download links for available app versions.
  • Click any performance, and the downloading will be started.
  • This process will finish in a short interval depending on your network speed.

Install Process:

Step: 1

  • Go to your mobile’s setting > Special app access > install unknown apps.

install unknow apps

  • Click installs unknown apps.
  • Search for the browser. For example, I am using the chrome browser app and click that browser.

search for browser

  • Now turn this button on.

turn on button

Last step:

  • Go to files > downloads.
  • Click the downloaded apk file.

installing apk file

  • Click the install button. And that’s all for downloading and installation. You can easily access it from your installed apps.

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